Medical Books

Collection of Old Medical Books

In 2019, we received a collection of medical books. Thanks to your interest, we have sold all but six! 

Those six and any additional similar donations will be available at our June 11-14 , 2020, sale.


1822 Chapman, N. Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences. Condition:   rough, boards missing; spine and pages intact; foxed but readable. Online price $ $30; 

B2B $5

1825 Chapman, N. Elements of Therapeutics & Materia Matria; Vol 1, 3d ed. Condition: Good

Online (for both vols.) $275; B2B $35

1825  SOLD Paris, John A. Elements of Medical Chemistry. Condition: intact, pages readable   with some foxing and yellowing. Online price $66. B2B $25 

1825 Richerand, A. Elements of Physiology. Condition: front board detached, good binding,

foxing. Online price $65. B2B $15

1829 Hamilton, James. Observations on the Utility & Administration of Purgative Medicines in 

Several Diseases. Condition: front board detached; readable but foxed pagers; water-

stained. Online price $85. B2B $20.

1829 Journal of Health Conducted by an Ass'n of Physicians, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-24, Sept.9, 1829-

Aug. 25, 1830. Condition: loose front board, rest intact; foxed but otherwise clean 

pages. Online price $95. B2B $30.

1830 Eberle, John. Treatise of Materia Medica & Therapeutics, Vols. 1 & 2 of 2. Condition: 

good. Online price $45-$60. B2B $25.

1831  SOLD Ellis, Benjamin. Medical Formulary: Being a Collection of Prescriptions etc.    Condition: boards, spine and pages intact; spine rubbed/cracked (title missing); 

Online price $40. B2B $15.

1833 Dewees, William. A Practice of Physic. Condition: loose front board, spine intact but 

flaking; pages good. Online price $50. B2B $15.

1834 Eberle, John. Treatise of the Materia Medica & Therapeutics, Vols. 1 & 2 of 2. Condition:

good plus, with intact boards, spine, pages. Online price $60. B2B $25.

1835 ----. The Study of Medicine, Vols. 1 & 2 of 2. Condition: good. Online price not found

1837 Armstrong, John. Lecture on the Morbid Anatomy, Nature & Treatment of Acute &   Chronic Diseases. Condition: front board detached, pages intact, spine torn but intact,

foxing, stray pencil marks but text is readable. Online price (in poor condition) $100. BTB $35.

1837 Forbes, John, ed. British and Foreign Medical Review. Condition: boards detached, 

spine and pages intact. Online price (not found)

1838 Eberle, John. A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine, Vols. 1 & 2 of 2. Condition: vol. 2 is 

good; vol. 1 is missing both boards, spine and pages intact. Online price (in fair

condition) $40. B2B $10

1841 Combe, George, at al. The Constitution of Man (bound w/other works). Condition:

Front blank page ripped out, next is loose and dirty. Title page some discoloration

text intact and readable, some foxing ; boardsintact and worn, same with spine.

Online $85. B2B $25. 

1842 Eberle, John. A Treatise of the Materia Medica & Therapeutics, 2 vols in 1 (5th ed).

Condition: good. Online price $45. B2B $15

1843 SOLD Wilson, Erasmus. A System of Human Anatomy with 170 illustrations. Condition: 

good. Online price $35. B2B$10

1844  Sappington, John. Theory & Treatment of Fevers (modern reprint). Condition: good. 

Online price ~$10. B2B $2

1845 ---. Essays on Pathology & Therapeutics, Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures,

Vol. 1. Condition: good. Online price (ex libris, fair condition) $68. B2B $20

1846 Hahnemann, Samuel. Materia Medica Pura, Vol. 4. Condition: good, intact book, foxing 

but otherwise clean, readable pages. Online price: $172. B2B $40

1846 Wistar, Caspar. A System of Anatomy for the Use of Students of Medicine, Vol. 2. 

Condition: good, intact copy with some yellowing and foxing. Online price $40. B2B  $10

1847  SOLD, Dewees, William. A Treatise on the Physical and Medical Treatment of 

Children. Condition: good, solid copy. Online price $40. B2B $10

1848 Fitch, Samuel. Six Lectures on the Uses of Lungs. Condition: intact spine, boards,

and pages; some foxing. Online price $10-$15. B2B $2

1850 Watson, Thomas. Lectures on the Principles & Practice of Physic, delivered at King's

College, London. Condition: good, intact book. Online price $40. B2B $10

1850 ---. The Medical News (by the American Journal of Medical Sciences), 1850-51. 

Condition: good. Online price (for 1846) $94. B2B $30

1853 Kirkus, William Senshouse. Manual of Physiology. Condition: good. Online Price $35.

B2B $10

1853 Budd, George. On Diseases of the Liver with Colored Plates & Wood-Cuts. Condition:

loose front board, light foxing, light discoloration, owner's name, address and date; 

good clean text. Back board is loose (but not as loose as front). Online $70; B2B $20

1854 Condie, Francis. Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. Condition: good, solid

book, cover stained, corners rough. Online Price $30-$45. B2B $15

1856 Laycock, Thomas. Lectures on the Principles & Methods of Medical Observation & 

Research. Condition: good, solid copy. Online price $15. B2B $2

1857 Paine, Martyn. Materia Medica and Therapeutics (2d ed). Condition: Stained, rubbed and 

bumped boards; intact, good sound book. B2B $15

1858 Forbes, Sir John. Of Nature and Art in the Cure of Disease. Condition: good, solid copy. 

Online price $50. B2B $20

1859 Paine, Martyn. Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Condition: spine cracked, boards

attached, stained, bumped; text pages intact; 2 detached front pages (one blank, one

picture of author). Online not found. B2B $10.

1861 SOLD Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Currents & Counter-currents in Medical Science. 

Condition: good, with spine, binding and boards intact. Online price $30. B2B $15

1867 Flint, Austin. A Treatise on the Principles & Practice of Medicine: Designed for the Use 

of Practitioners & Students of Medicine. Condition: good. Online price $75. B2B $25

1871 Hartshorne, Henry. Essentials of the Principles & Practice of Medicine. Condition: fair to

good. Online price $30-$35. $10

1914 Faught, F.A. Blood Pressure from the Clinical Standpoint. Condition: very good, with 

some pencil underlines. Online price $63. B2B $20

1916 Williams, B.G.R. Practical Uranalysis. Condition: good. Online $25. B2B $5.

1927 Rawlings, Isaac D. Rise & Fall of Disease in Illinois, Vol. 1 (Il Dep't of Health). Condition:

good. Online price $30 B2B $5

1932 Cope, Zachary. Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen. Condition: very good. Online 

price (earlier) $35. B2B 1